How To Apply

Ka Ipu Kukui Fellows

How to Apply

The Application Process from Nomination to Selection

Nomination Process

Utilizing local media and the growing network of Ka Ipu Kukui Fellows, interested nominees will be directed to complete an application.

For more information and/or to obtain additional information please call Troy Hashimoto at (808) 281-3906.


The Ka Ipu Kukui Fellows will be selected through a competitive process conducted by the members of the Screening and Selection Committee. Candidates may be interviewed if the Selection Committee deems necessary. Applicants will be notified of the committee’s decision. Approximately twelve to sixteen individuals will be selected based on criteria including commitment to civic involvement in Maui Nui, the potential for community leadership, and professional as well as personal achievement.

If you know of an outstanding individual or employee you would like to nominate, please have them submit an application.

Application Instructions

Please provide all the information requested on the attached application form. Resumes are not accepted in lieu of this application. Your application must be signed by you, your sponsor and/or your employer (as appropriate).

It is vital that the participant and employer understand and honor the commitment to participate in the program. The program will require active participation monthly during the next year, for approximately two to three days depending on the activities planned. If unable to commit to this schedule, please do not apply at this time. If currently employed, applications without employer/sponsor’s signature will not be accepted.

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